100% of the profits from this book will go to the Film and TV Charity. 

The idea for film.together was conceived during the UK’s first national COVID-19 lockdown and was designed to inspire, celebrate, and support UK filmmaking at a time when we needed it most.  The book is about community, passion, and a hunger to create no matter the circumstances.

Featuring over 130 pages of photos and words from 50+ cinematographers, directors and artists.


The Film and TV Charity works behind the scenes of the UK film, television and cinema industry. From research to writing, through casting and production, to editing, publicity, distribution, broadcast and exhibition, the charity supports the lives of everyone involved.


The charity’s free and confidential Support Line, 0800 054 0000, provides 24-hour support for everyone working in the industry on issues such as debt, depression and harassment, with fast-track access to counselling, legal advice and bereavement support. 


At the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the charity rapidly mobilised to support thousands of workers immediately impacted by the shut-down of production and the closure of cinemas across the country. The Support Line responded to nearly 4,500 calls and messages and has been the first point of contact for many people needing help during this challenging time. 


To date, the charity has raised £6.65m to fund their Covid-19 Response, launched a range of funding and mental wellbeing services, and supported thousands of people in urgent need as a result of the crisis. At the close of their Emergency Relief Fund earlier in the year, the charity found that almost 1 in 5 awardees would have lost their home without the grant. 

The Film and TV Charity relies on voluntary donations. For more information please contact the Head of Fundraising, Tom Woodward. 

Registered charity no. 1099660